How do u stop wanting to smoke weed on a daily basis after years?


Quitting smoking weed is a huge step for weed addicts. It is easy for somewhere they stop and never look back. For others, it can be challenging and requires some assistance to overcome it. Below are some tips on how to quit smoking weed to make it easy for those struggling with this problem.


Alternative activity

Most people smoke weed to feel high. It feels like a great accomplishment. If you find a drug-free hobby to fill your free time, you will get a feeling of enjoyment and achievement. You will get the high feeling you have been seeking in weed. Some people may not have time to do this, this would be if you quit weed cold turkey.



Change of routine

Rescheduling your routine is a great way to make you forget about smoking weed. Some changes in your routine could be:

i. If you live a private life, spending more time in public could help you to stop smoking weed. This is because it’s something that you can’t try in public.

ii. Surround yourself with friends who don’t smoke it. They are less likely to pull you back into the habit.


Discard smoking paraphernalia

Smoking weed requires various gears like rolling tools, smoking bows, bong, and many more. Discarding them will give you a hard time in finding ways to smoke the substance.




Addiction Motivation and commitment

Remaining focused in achieving your goal of stopping to smoke weed is one aspect that can determine how successful you will be. Addiction can be tough especially addiction for kids. Being motivated and committed will make you overcome the urge and temptations to use the substance even when you aren’t in public, this will ultimately help you understand how to quit smoking weed fast and quickly. It will make you disciplined. This will make the whole journey simple than it seems.



Weed is a poison that can easily mess with your life. Once you stop using it, you will have a new experience, no remorse, no regrets, and no pain. Think of the beautiful life ahead if you quit smoking weed and this will make you more determined. The above guidelines can help you stop smoking pot in a healthy and stress-free way.